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Prayer Request for Mrs. Clancy. February 26, 2009

Filed under: Prayer Requests — Annette @ 11:46 am

This one is for Michelle’s Nana, who is also undergoing surgery today. Sent a few days ago.

Dear Brethren,
I just finished talking to Eldon Clancy and his mother, Mildred Clancy.  Mildred is 93 years of age and will be undergoing  surgery this coming Thursday to have one of her breast removed.  Mrs. Clancy is in good spirits and is a very active person and said she would appreciate it if I would send out a prayer request on her behalf.
So brethren, will you please ask our God, our Healer, to intervene on Mrs. Clancy‘s behalf  and heal her. She has great faith and wants to get this over so that she can do her gardens again this Spring.
Mrs. Clancy is the grandmother of Mitchelle Clancy whom you have been praying for.  They told me Mitchelle was doing very well  now, but was in critical condition when the doctors operated and would have died if they hadn’t operated when they did, so said the doctor.  Eldon is Mitchelle’s uncle. 
Your prayers will be very  much appreciated by all concerned.
Thank you,
Harold Bussey.

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