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Update on Mrs. Koons. February 26, 2009

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Sent last night.


First of all, we are very encouraged to the outpouring of emails from around the country, and even the world; it is overwhelming, and we know God hears, especially for those that serve God and the world’s peoples with the love and diligence that Cathie always has displayed.  This has to be a generic email because of the lack of time. 

 B4 surgery Cathie actually awoke from unconsciousness a few times and was able to speak.  She was able to speak with cognizance to me, Cherie, and Stacey.  She did not remember the incident happening even though she called me on the cell telling me urgently to rush over to help her at Food City where she was b4 being rushed to the hospital because “something terrible has happened”, and of a powerfully sudden headache.  The fact that she spoke encouraged the surgeon also, and he gave us, as a result, a more upbeat view before the surgery.

She was in surgery today for 5+ hours.  The doctor indicated it went well, for which we are very grateful.  At the same time, he also cautioned us that there is no way to know how it will go from here.  Cathie is in a very weakened state.  Assuming the body is able to heal she may be able to know us in a few days, and she will be in the icu for at least a week, more like 10 days. The hospital really desires only family members come at this time, and Cathie will not, at least for most of the time, even recognize most.  

If all goes well, after the hospital stay, she will need attention in a rehab or nursing home for an extended period of time based upon past experience of this type of surgery..  It is too early to tell the outcome of this surgery.  She has had a VERY dangerous surgery to one of the most delicate parts of the brain, the interior.  The surgery was able to block off the aneurism that had developed, hopefully preventing any future ruptures, at least, to it.  Cathie had a rupture of an artery in the interior of her brain behind the eyes.  That area primarily controls the use of the lower part of one’s body.  However, the surgery was NOT able to ciphon off a good portion of the blood that had encapsulated a good part of the brain, one of the goals of the surgery, because it was not wise to do so.

We are waiting for God to heal.  With Cathie being the one that is sick, we are completely assured that God will heal her UNLESS he knows that what is ahead will ALSO be too much for her. Most of those receiving this email are fully aware of the impending events soon to happen. The main thing is that Cathie inherits the Kingdom for eternity.  Our family needs her dearly but we also want her in the Kingdom, and if she has already qualified, by Christ’s help, for the type of positions God knows she would fit the best in,  we don’t want her to never lose that opportunity due to the stress that will be upon us.  We know that, “many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all”.  We also know that “Behold the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His mercy, to deliver their soul from death…”  And we believe that firmly, although shaken initially by such a powerful sudden tradgety.  We also know we have to take those scriptures in the context of God’s other scriptures and overall plan for Cathie.

We are imploring for God’s intervention, but also for the ability to accept that whatever His answer is, is what is good, not only for Cathie, but for all of us.

Cathie has had a powerful shining impact on so VERY many during her lifetime both before, and after I married her.  As stated before, I have, personally, not known ANYONE, that has had such an amazing love for others to her own detriment at times, and for those that hate her, or our family.  She truly manifests the love of God in the way she represents herself for God.  One can know Cathie by her fruits, and those fruits are VERY good.

Thanking you all for your emails, calls, prayers, concerns, and other acts of love at this time of  incredible stress.

Warmest and deepest thanks from the family,
Roy and (Cathie) Koons and family
PS.  The hospital requests that no flowers or fruit be sent for it endangers the patient.  Also, we have more than enough fruit on hand. If I have missed someone, and I hope I haven’t, I am sorry. I know I don’t have everyone’s emails in my address book, and I don’t have time right now to add them.  I trust the grapevine will accurately take care of the rest; we would rather than trying to communicate what I said by their own memory, that they, instead, email, or read what I wrote.  Again, thank you very much for your prayers at this severe time of trial.


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