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Prayer Request Updates. March 2, 2009

Filed under: Prayer Requests — Annette @ 9:22 am

For Mrs. Koons, written this past Friday. I have heard that she has recently taken a turn for the worse, but haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

Dear friends,
Thank u so much for all your prayers, emails, calls, etc.  Our family and the surgeon were greatly encouraged that yesterday, Cathie was able to talk with us, and even joked a bit.  She was able to move her extremities by herself.  It is you all, and others not on my list,  that made this happen through your prayers, and our family is extremely grateful.  We will head out today to see Cathie again, and will keep you all abreast of her condition.  Thank you very very very very much for your concerns and prayers.

Deepest gratitude,

For Michelle and her Nana, written on Friday by Mr. Weston.

We visited both Michelle and Mildred yesterday. Michelle had fluid on her lungs and was on the highest level of oxygen they can give. After being anointed in the evening, she began coughing up fluid and this morning her lungs were clear and she is totally off oxygen. She has been at several very critical junctures since this began a week ago.

My understanding today (Thursday) is that Mildred came through the operation “in flying colors.”

Warm regards,


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