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Update on Mrs. Koons. March 4, 2009

Filed under: Prayer Requests — Annette @ 2:11 pm

Sent Monday night.

Dear friends,

As noted before, Cathie’s condition has stabilized.  However, she does have a fever of 100.8 degrees.  A culture has been taken and should come back tomorrow.  When I went to see her today, she was jaundiced and more pale, but her mental facilities seemed about the same as yesterday, which was better. One of her medicines can cause liver damage so they will be doing blood work tomorrow to ascertain whether there is anything amiss.

Cathie’s short term memory since the brain artery rupture remains poor, and she gets things confused about how she remembers how it occurred.

Some people sent email cards via the hospital’s website today, and Cathie really appreciates this.  It also saves me time printing out emails on this end.  I’m actually not sure how they did this; maybe one of those people could send me the information.  It would be nice to cc me, if that is possible. Cathie appreciates the cards, emails, and the calls of concern to me.  She also appreciates the flood of cards that are beginning to, at this point, come to our home, and probably will also come, now,  to Parkwest Medical Center in Knoxville.

Roy Koons and family


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