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Update on Mrs. Koons. March 5, 2009

Filed under: Prayer Requests — Annette @ 1:08 pm

Sent Tuesday night.

Hi all,

While Cathie’s condition (vital signs wise) have stabilized, she still is being worn down by a powerful headache.  She consented to more morphine even though she is against it.  The nurse, yesterday, failed to communicate my concern about her jaundice  to the doctor; thus the blood work checking her liver could not be ordered.  Today they drew blood to ck the liver functioning after approval of the doc after my request, and the doc stopped one of the medications proven to be detrimental to the liver.  Cathie is having a hard time eating, something that anyone knowing Cathie, would cause them to  understand how dire in  pain she is.  Cathie seemed down today and didn’t want to talk much; I think, partially due to the increased morphine.  She slept more, and of course that is good, but I think the morphine and all the medication she is receiving is affecting her otherwise.    She, I believe, realizes now, that the healing process is going to take some time, and that she won’t be able to get out of the hospital any time soon.   She only asked about leaving the hospital today, in a negative way.  She still tries to not put anyone out…ie nurses, calling Cherie or Stacey (to the effect: “they are backlogged from their visit of coming here”), and while I think she wants me to stay there a long time, also realizes I have my limitations.

Her temperature is back within a decent range.  

I understand the hospital is backlogged on needed slots so there may be a push to move her to the regular units asa they can feasibly do it.   I am sure she is in better care in icu but that can only go on as long as she is in the upmost critical stage.  Since her vital signs seem to be stabilizing, she may be forced out, even though she is in extreme pain and can’t eat much and, seemingly, is beginning to despair.  Cathie’s headache is severe enough that she can’t focus on much of anything than that.  She now declines me reading to her, most of the time, because of the stress it causes to her weary brain.

She definitely needs more sleep, something that surely will be more elusive in an area that is not icu. While she received more sleep today, it was, as I see it, due to the increased morphine.   Please pray that the pain from her head abates quickly.

Deepest thanks,
Roy and the family


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