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Update on Mrs. Koons. March 9, 2009

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Sent Thursday night.

Hi everyone,

The reason I didn’t get an update off to you yesterday was because Cathie had a pounding headache and wanted me to stay the night.  I only was able to use the WIFI from the hospital once, to date.  Two people have told me that the Wifi system does not like Windows Vista!  It’s time for an Apple a day to keep the doctor away :-)!!!  Stacey was able to use hers when she was at the hospital. 

Because of her headaches, Cathie can’t bring herself to eat.  To the best of my knowledge she ate nothing yesterday, and just about two bites today, only at my continuous gentle plodding.    Just the thought of eating is too much for her.  Again…totally something that is  fully unusual for Cathie. Cathie eats a lot because she has a very rapid metabolism that burns it off, almost as soon as she eats it.  

She is now out of ICU.  Her vital signs are ok, but she has the headaches because blood and water are on the brain and there really isn’t room for the same on the brain; they pressure the brain.  In time, gradually, over weeks, my understanding is that these headaches w/ abate since the brain will gradually release the blood and water into the rest of the body.  She had a very TERRIBLE night of non sleeping, and didn’t sleep much also.  She didn’t sleep much through about 2pm when I left.  She finally went off to sleep while I was there, and the nurse came to wake her up since she believed that the meds, she needed to give her, could not be postponed.  That was very upsetting, but what can I do?

 She isn’t sleeping well because of the headaches, and the nurses can only give her so many pain meds. Rght now they cannot give her ANY morphine, which Cathie has even approved, given the power of the headaches.  She has been nausious due to the headaches and she threw up very shortly after they gave her the pain med they are allowed to give her….GREAT…not.  The good thing about being out of ICU is that she has a larger room, her own bathroom, and I can sleep right in the room with her when able.  Also, they aren’t waking her up, quite as much.  B4, they had to wake her up, every hour on the hour, to make sure she was cognizant and with it.

The rehab lady came today, and had her walk a few feet forward and back with her help. That’s good and a sign that her extremities hopefully will come out ok.  Her hearing is clearly not as good as it was b4 this happened.

   It seems clear to me that Cathie is depressed, and I think the surgeon, based upon our conversation together, seems to think that that can be playing into her not eating.  While tomorrow may be a rather hot day, I bought some reflectors for the car windows, so I could bring Cathie’s dog.  Cathie can’t stand stimuli, including light, but the surgeon feels that seeing her dog (“Keeper”) may cheer her up, something she needs. Normally I would have left Keeper with a neighbor,  since tomorrow is to be a hotter day, but I will bring her, just in case Cathie is able to see her, and hope for the best.  I have to keep her in the car which can become hot, and there are no trees, so I will have to be going out regularly to monitor the Keeper.

I am home now, and plan to go to see her tomorrow.  Depending upon a number of things, I may stay tomorrow night so you may not obtain an update tomorrow, but be assured that Cathie still needs our prayers.  I believe she is improving, but she NEEDS food, and can’t seem to stomach it, as long as she has these headaches, and lack of sleep.  Interestingly enough, apparently, the food would help reduce her headaches!!!  So the blood and water on the brain, probably, should be the concentration of your prayers.

I’m holding up rather well, given the circumstances, and all that there is, to keep track of. 

That’s about it for now.  Thx again for your many cards, emails, calls, offers to help, etc.  Emails and cards to the hospital are probably best right at this point in time.  As should be obvious, Cathie cannot have any visitors but from her immediate husband, and children, as they are able to be there.

Deepest love and thanks for your continued prayers,
Roy and family

PS  I lost a cell message from a family member and c/not hear it.  I’m really sorry about that, but I’m sure that your concerns were at the reason u called.  This should fairly well cover everything.  I will be very busy tonight trying to keep up,  so, pls. keep that in mind.


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