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Run #49. March 13, 2009

Filed under: Life,Running — Annette @ 12:22 pm

Me, Robin, Candy. Just under 4 miles, Which Wich Destination Run. We ran at a slower pace than we usually do because we were chatting with Candy, who usually runs a little slower. Robin had told me a long time ago how she and her husband think that if you run slower than your natural pace, it feels harder. I felt that today. I don’t think it was that I felt tired, it just seemed like it was more work to run slower than to run at a regular pace.

Cindy thinks she might have a stress fracture. 😦 I hope not. She’s going to have it checked out on Monday, but if it is, it could potentially put her out of the race. sigh.

In other news:

  • We got a Roomba! So far we are very impressed.
  • We’re going to Rolla tomorrow. We joked about Charlie wearing a “Rolla sucks” shirt. There’s a pretty serious rivalry between Mizzou and what used to be University of Missouri – Rolla, now Missouri University of Science & Technology (not so fondly called MUST, MOiST, MUSTy, or something just damp in general).
  • My plantar fasciitis tried to come back and kick my butt, but I think I’ve got it under control with stretches.

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