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Run #50, Week 7 Long Run. March 16, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 7:22 am

Me and Robin. 9 miles. Oof. It was challenging, especially the last few miles. I just felt worn out. It felt like a really hilly route, but looking at the map elevation, it doesn’t look hilly at all. Oh, except for that 4% grade hill at mile 4.5. I didn’t have any side stitches until after we ran that. It’s the hills that get me.

It’s pretty amazing how far 9 miles is. We ran all over the stinkin’ place, to areas of the city that I didn’t even know existed. Next Sunday will be 10 miles.


One Response to “Run #50, Week 7 Long Run.”

  1. Ducky Says:

    You crazy girl! 🙂 I’m proud of myself if I can walk 2 miles a day, and here you are running 10… I wish I was as cool as you 🙂

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