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Garden plans. March 20, 2009

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Robin and I had our first recession garden class with Jim Wilson last night. Very cool, very impressive. In addition to having gardened for like…80 years, this guy has also been involved high up in All-America Selections, Osmocote, writing seed catalogs, doing soil testing (across the street from my office), being the host of The Victory Garden on PBS (until “they started preferring young skinny people with white teeth – and I was none of those things”), and I’m sure many many other things. I’m impressed.

Robin, Cindy and I all have similar raised bed garden plans for this season. Cindy learned about a raised bed system that is taught by a guy in SW Missouri (actually in the same tiny town where Charlie’s parents lived before they were transferred), and we’re all adopting it in a slightly modified fashion. Basically, you use blocks to build up a raised bed, and then fill it with a mixture of four different ingredients. Weed-free, no tilling, no hard soil, nothing. Just plant and harvest.

In this area we couldn’t get all the ingredients that he recommended, so we’re substituting a few things. But Robin and I ran our recipe past Jim Wilson last night, and he told the KBIA reporter who was recording us, “These young ladies are essentially creating the perfect soil.” Yesssss! He did also give us a few tips, and suggestions on how we could make the mix a little less expensive by substituting sphagnum peat moss for the Pro Mix. Anyway, I’m really happy that we checked with him, 1) because I feel better that the mix is actually going to work, and 2) because with his suggestions it will be cheaper and probably more successful. Yay!

Cindy told me about a concrete block manufacturer in Jeff City where she bought her blocks, so Charlie and I drove down there a couple days ago and ordered a whole pallet of blocks. We were able to get the textured kind so they will look relatively pretty instead of the ugly regular cinder blocks. Hopefully they will be delivered soon, since I’m already behind on the planting season.

I did get most of my seeds from Johnny’s last week, and I should be getting some other seeds, potatoes, blueberries, strawberries and a host of other things soon. I’ll be away Monday-Friday next week, so hopefully nothing comes in while I’m away that’s too urgent. I also bought a couple of raspberry plants from Lowe’s last Sunday and planted them in the back yard. They’re just a single stick poking out of the ground, so they look pretty pathetic.  Hopefully they’ll grow.


2 Responses to “Garden plans.”

  1. Lyndell Says:

    I’d be doing well to grow something with the Power Plant Herb Garden.

  2. amanda Says:

    my midwife’s husband was obsessed with raspberries. they have them all around the outside of the office building. if theirs is any indication, your raspberries will grow just fine 🙂

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