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Run #54, Week 8 Long Run. March 23, 2009

Filed under: Life,Running — Annette @ 8:25 am

Me and Robin. 10 miles. Whoohoo! It was actually a really, really good run. I think I finally figured out what to eat before a long run (bowl of cereal, water, half a Powerbar, water, half a small Gatorade, water), so I felt good, felt like I had energy, no side stitches. We did a couple of fairly decent hills and I felt fine. No biggy. At 10 miles I was glad we were able to stop, but I think I could have done another 3 if I needed to (aka – half marathon). So yeah, I’m feeling good for the race. Four weeks to go!

The blister on the side of my right foot just keeps getting bigger and bigger with every long run. Thankfully it hasn’t been giving me much trouble, and even this time it didn’t start hurting until after we were finished. It’s pretty bad when you can see the outline of your blister through your socks. I think from here on out I’ll be bandaiding it up.

I’m heading out now for a professional development conference north of KC. I’ll be out through Friday. Lata.


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