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Run #60, Week 10 Long Run. April 6, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 7:44 am

Me and Robin. 11 miles! Yay! Good run.

The temperature got cooler as we were out (into the 40s), but my new Under Armour running shorts did smashingly and I didn’t really get cold. I also got a new pair of hard-core arch support Nike running socks, but didn’t really feel any difference with them. I was hoping they would also help to prevent the rubbing on my blisters, but not so much. They’re almost all healed up, except for the two that previously hadn’t been giving me much trouble. We’re starting to taper this week, so hopefully they will dry up.

We ran primarily on the trails (who knew Columbia had so many of them, and so much mileage), so I was a little anxious at first that the time would go by slowly without much to be distracted by, but it was fine. We chit-chatted as we always do, and it was over pretty quickly. We even kicked up the pace for the last mile and a half. Just in time to run up a hill and almost get pushed backwards by a driving wind. Robin’s response: “BRING IT ON!!!”

We weren’t sure where we needed to turn to run home, so we ended up running sprints up and down our road three times to get the last half mile in. The fact that we were able to pick up the pace leading up to 11 miles makes me happy. I think we’re ready.

Two weeks to go!


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