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Prayer Request: Jeremy Mueller April 14, 2009

Filed under: Prayer Requests — Annette @ 8:29 am

From Jesche Family: Jeremy Mueller Update:

Thanks to all who are keeping my brother in your prayers. If you do not know what is going here’s the info. and update.
My brother “Hoss” Jeremy, was in a farming accident a few days ago. . A sweep auger swung around while he was scooping grain in a bin and sucked his leg in it.
He was rushed to Hiawatha hospital and then by ambulance on to St. Joe hospital where he was taken in for surgery. He has 3 breaks in his bone, some muscle and nerve damage. They are confident he will not lose his leg. He is in a tremendous amount of pain. The biggest concern now is infection because the bone was exposed to the environment. They packed his leg and left it open until Thursday when they will try to sew it back together. They will know at that time whether or not he will need any skin grafting done. They thought he would be in the hospital until Friday or Saturday.
He is at […] in St. Joseph, MO.
Thanks for your prayers and concern.


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