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Update #5 on Lanna (4/10/09) April 14, 2009

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Lanna got to go home yesterday.
Her blood pressure got as high as 117/73 yesterday, and has been steadily above 110/70. This is an amazing improvement from 60/40, which was her regular blood pressure just 10 days ago. Thank you for your help praying for this vital (excuse the pun!) part of her health to improve. This alone eases one of the major concerns I’ve had about Lanna’s health for a long time now. Her low blood pressure had been causing her to have dizzy spells and occasionally slight seizures in the past several months, and it is also responsible for her loss of 80% of her vision in her right eye, which happened two years ago when her blood pressure dropped so low that her eye had a stroke, cutting off blood to it and damaging it permanently. I’ve been worried it would happen again, which would leave her blind in both eyes, and am grateful God has provided a solution before that happened.
Right now, Lanna is still feeling the effects of her surgery, with some continued swelling around her midsection, a little extra water weight yet, and some discomfort with her digestive system. She’s also not sleeping more than 2 hours consecutively at night, thanks to her now-active bladder. However, she’s glad to be home and antsy to start being productive with her time.
During the next two months, she cannot be around large crowds (including church and grocery shopping) because of the high dosages of anti-rejection drugs she’s on. She will gradually get to decrease those dosages, with her doctors will be keeping a close eye on her. She will have to have her blood work checked at the hospital 3 to 5 times a week for the next two months, then gradually tapering down to once a week, then to once a month after she hits the 12-month mark past her transplant.

In two weeks, assuming everything continues to go well, she will get to have her dialysis catheter removed. The procedure will be an outpatient surgery that shouldn’t take more than an hour or two.
Her home address and phone number, if you would like them, are: […]
Thank you again for your prayers, cards and encouragement this past week and a half. It has strengthened Lanna and our family tremendously.
In Christian love,
Rachel Keesee

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