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Run #65: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon! April 22, 2009

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So, the race. To sum it up: it rained.

The weather reports had been calling for thunderstorms, so it at least wasn’t that bad. It rained the night before and the morning of, and pretty much rained all day. It rained while we walked to the starting line. It rained while we ran. It rained harder after we stopped.

From Go St. Louis 2009

Our group was: me, Robin, Josh Kerr. Then the other parts of our group that we lost were: Cindy, Donna, Candy, Sarah from Texas, Cindy’s daughter Megan, plus some of their extended friends.

I had to pee before we even started the race. I was worried that this would happen, but I wanted to be sure that I hydrated sufficiently ahead of time. I was determined to not use the portapotties at the starting line and just deal with it, because last year I stood in line for 20 minutes for the portapottie and was inside when the gun went off for the race to start. Thankfully I was able to meet up with the group before we crossed the starting line, but I didn’t want to do that again. So I ran the first 6.5 miles having to pee. That wasn’t a lot of fun, but I dealt with it.

There were a few portapotties in the first half of the race, but they all had a huge line. I wasn’t going to wait in line for forever and kill my time because I had to pee. I was about 30 seconds away from deciding to just pee my pants (hey, it was raining, no one would know) when Robin spotted the portapotties by the original starting line (because we’d circled back) and there was no one waiting for them. We illegally crossed over the other side of the course and all three of us were able to find an empty portapotty. Ah, sweet relief.

Josh did a great job. Josh didn’t train for the race, and he ran with me and Robin the whole way. And he didn’t even look like he was exerting himself. Phooey. We all figured he’d drop back after a few miles, but nope. He persevered.

So the race was fine. The ran didn’t bother us too much, except that it’s not especially pleasant to run in wet socks and shoes…and eventually wet everything. Someone pointed out that we were all probably carrying several extra pounds of weight because of the rain.The rain kept things cool, though, which was nice.

But, around mile 9 or so it stopped raining and started getting humid. Ugghh, I did not plan for this. I think I probably would have been okay with it if I hadn’t been wearing soaking wet clothes, but I felt like I couldn’t really sweat or cool off. Lesson learned: wear a wicking running shirt and not cotton. I wouldn’t have worn a t-shirt if it had been really hot, but I didn’t even think about the humidity with the rain. I’ve just never experienced that before.

So the humidity started to get to me in the last few miles, but I was able to keep going. I was a little surprised with how challenged I felt because our long runs had gone so well. I mean, it wasn’t to the point where I felt like I was going to die or anything, but I didn’t feel as comfortable as I had previously. I think races just feel harder in general.

We finished in 2:14:41. This was 9 minutes faster than our finish last year. My goal was: finishing under 2:10 would be great, but we definitely wanted to finish under 2:15. And we did. I’m pretty satisfied with our time, especially considering the not-so-great conditions, plus we all had to stop to pee, then at about mile 7 or 8 I had to pull over for about a minute to stretch out a side stitch, plus just having to dart around a million people and slow down for water breaks. So yeah, I think we did well.

It was pretty miserable after we finished, though. They corralled all the finishers through gates, and the lines hardly moved because family members with umbrellas were blocking the exit, and the finishing area was in a grassy park that quickly turned to a gigantic mud pit, and then we got cold, and then it rained harder, and they didn’t even give us a stinking hat. We were pretty peeved about that. The hats last year were awesome.

Anyway, after we finished we didn’t stick around to watch the others finish because we were wet and cold and miserable. It was too bad, really, but we were pretty uncomfortable. Josh went to get some of the complimentary beer and we ended up losing him and not being able to say goodbye. (Bye, Josh.)

So we took showers, dried off and packed up. Four of us girls were staying the night in the St. Louis area, so Charlie tried to get on the road to go home. Bad idea. With the roads shut down traffic wasn’t moving anywhere, so he ended up waiting for an hour until the roads opened up so he could get home. The rest of us girls attempted to go shopping, but went to one store and then gave up because we were all tired and ready to not be standing or walking anymore.

Anyway, yeah, good race. It’s an annual thing now, so I’m sure we’ll do it again next year. We also haven’t ruled out doing a marathon sometime towards the end of the year. Whatever we do, it’ll wait until after the summer months. I don’t run well in the heat, so we’ll have a break for a few months and then pick it up in the fall.

Oh, and the weirdest thing: my bib number was 3692. Robin was 3693. I registered by mail. Robin registered online. Weeeeeeird.

Whoo whoo! Good race.

From Go St. Louis 2009


3 Responses to “Run #65: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon!”

  1. Lyndell Says:

    Going to run a maintenance program during the summer?

  2. Annette Says:

    Ehh, maybe. Probably not. I’d have to run inside on a treadmill because it’d be too hot outside, and that’s never very much fun. I think we’ll probably run a little bit here and there, but not much.

  3. Kerr Says:

    Bye Robin.

    Yeah I’m glad I did it, was a fun weekend overall. Probably won’t do anything that far anymore though, as my knees hurt for a few days. Not sure if that’s normal or not, but I don’t really care either. I’ll just stick to running fast until I no longer can, then slowing down, then going until I want to cry. Sometimes I do.

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