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Run B, FiveFingers Trial Dos. May 11, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 11:15 am

Me, Robin. 3 miles. More tenderness under both big toe joints and under the toe pads themselves. I think it’s just because the big toes end up absorbing most of the impact. A little right knee pain again, but nothing to complain about. I don’t doubt that my form has changed from wearing the shoes, so it may just be that one area needs to be strengthened up. I did notice that I was landing more on the balls of my feet instead of my heels like I did last time, so I did feel it more in my calves.


Edited to add: Aaaand then I took my shoes off and discovered a huge blood blister under my right big toe and the beginnings of a gigantor blister under my left. Oh boy. I guess running 3 miles wasn’t “easing into it.”


8 Responses to “Run B, FiveFingers Trial Dos.”

  1. fivimaster Says:

    I see that you are open to trying out new technology (especially those with 5 toes)…just curious if you log your runs online at all? If you did or would consider it – what would be important to you besides ease of use? Like are there any reports that you’d like to generate?


  2. Annette Says:

    I do use MapMyRun and iMapMyRun. I like the map aspect of it and being able to link my running logs to Twitter, but it is annoying that it double tweets runs when you map a run and then add it to your training. The site could also be easier to use and less cluttered.

    Reports…ehh, I can’t really think of anything, besides possibly a comparison of speed between runs. We don’t tend to be very focused on speed, but some people are.

  3. fivimaster Says:

    You know, we never thought about adding Twitter integration to our site. Do you know of a lot of runners who load their runs on Twitter? I hear the remark about the clutter a lot. I blame it on the whole advertising based model for a lot of these sites.

    If you have a chance I’d love it if you took a gander at a beta site we just launched. We’re trying to come up with some cool reporting that will cater to all sorts of people and sports. Hope you’ll notice the lack of advertising as well.


  4. Annette Says:

    Yeah, I think Twitter and social networking integration in general is a big deal.

    Comments on the site:
    -Looks like the Maps feature isn’t supported in Chrome. From Google Analytics stats I’ve seen, Chrome is still a small minority, but gaining support quickly. (And I use it. :))
    -Partner finder: if there are no results, have it say “no results.” Otherwise it just looks like it didn’t do anything.
    -Nice clean look, good white space.
    -Calorie calculator: have an option of minutes/mile in addition to mph?
    -BMI calculator: have an option of feet and inches, since most people don’t say “I am 60 inches tall.” Also, I have an MS in Nutrition so we talk about BMI a lot, but I’ve never heard it called a Quetelet index
    -BMR and RMR calculators: metabolic is spelled wrong (some other typos on the site as well)

    Anyway, yeah, looks nice. How are you planning on a) advertising and b) making money?

  5. fivimaster Says:

    LOL, you know what they say about Murphy’s Law – yep Chrome was a surprise to us, especially since it’s a google mashup that doesn’t work. But it’s on our radar to fix in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, it does work awesome in Firefox.

    Great suggestions – I’ll totally look into that.

    As for nutrition, we do want to incorporate more of that into our site over time. What sites do you think do a good job of providing good information on nutrition. I’d like to integrate nutrition and food logging as part of our long term strategy. Also do you know of any bloggers (maybe yourself) who would be interested on blogging a bit on the site about key topics.

    As for our revenue model, it won’t be based on advertising. Your comment on the cluttered look of other sites, we’ve really taken to heart (and couldn’t agree more). We’re currently developing some wisdom of crowds algorithms that will be useful for certain institutions and professionals in the industry but for most end users the site will be free and it won’t be cluttered with advertising. That’s why it’s important that we nail the right look and feel now before we overlay the more feature rich capabilities later this summer.

    Again, really love the feedback.



  6. Annette Says:

    The most basic nutrition information is from I work in nutrition for a state Extension office, and pretty much all of our nutrition programming revolves around MyPyramid. Extension sites and .edu sites will have pretty reputable nutrition information, but for the average American (probably not your typical user) just knowing how much to eat within each food group is enough.

    I don’t follow a lot of nutrition blogs, but I might be convinced to blog. Like I said, I work with nutrition for a living and also taught an online university-level nutrition course on the side last fall.

  7. Annette Says:

    Oh yeah, MyPyramid also has a handy food tracker which lets you know how you’re doing compared to your food group recommendations and calories, fat, etc. It works most of the time, but could be better.

    BTW, how did you find my blog?

  8. fivimaster Says:

    I had heard about a government site to track eating. I checked it out, pretty cool. Yeah, we’re contemplating launching that as a new feature on the site once we nail down making it the most user friendly and useful site for people can benefit from the google mashup app.

    As for finding your blog, it was easy – I just did a search for people who took the time write about logging and tracking runs, there I saw “five finger toes” I had to ask!

    P.S. I’ll be sending an email to continue our discussion on blogging about nutrition.

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