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Urban Homesteaders: I heart these people. May 14, 2009

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Includes some agricultural propaganda, but so worth a watch. It’s amazing what can be accomplished on a small suburban lot.

My most recent AMAZING discovery, thanks to these people: ollas (oy-ya). 4000 years old, and still the best form of irrigation around.

Over time, modern systems were adopted, but these modern systems are not as efficient as irrigation by seepage from buried ollas. Modern systems, even surface drip irrigation systems loose more water to evaporation and more likely to clog than ollas. When ollas are used properly, plant roots will proliferate around the moist clay jar, intercepting water before it can move through the soil by capillary action. This water intercepted by plant roots will then be used in the plant transpiration stream. This results in almost 100% of applied irrigation water being absorbed by the plants.


AND, the Dervaes family are Sabbath-keepers and they tithe! Could it get any better??

A day of rest, a Sabbath request. We ask that wherever you may live to refrain from purchasing from this website between Friday sunset and Saturday sunset. (More info.)


EDIT: AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THEY’RE COGers!!!!!


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