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Ben Folds at Summerfest. May 29, 2009

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Nice hat.

We were just on the other side of the red bus.

Columbia has street concerts for Summerfest every week during the summer. When I heard Ben was coming I really wanted to go, but really didn’t want to have to stand on 9th Street for 4+ hours. Gates open at 6pm, plus you have to be there early to get a good spot, the show didn’t end until 10pm, and they don’t allow you to bring chairs. Standing for 4-5 hours just doesn’t sound like that much fun. Ken and I had to stand through the whole Green Day concert we went to a few years ago, and it put a damper on enjoying the show.

So I was feeling pretty guilty about Ben Folds being a few blocks away from my house and not going to see the show. I had to drive to KC and back that day, but when I got back I asked Charlie if we could go downtown and have dinner at Teller’s. Teller’s is right behind where they hold the concert, so you can’t see much but you can hear the whole show.

I think we had the best seats in the house. We had dinner, dessert, drinks, and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves for a few hours while Ben Folds serenaded us. And we got to sit. It was a really good time.

Ben is 42???


From Summer 09

We found a spot where you could watch Ben play through the corner of a building with glass windows. Preetty ghetto.

And here’s Ben leaving the stage to go back into the bus.


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