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Changes. June 2, 2009

Filed under: Food,Growing,House,Life — Annette @ 3:28 pm

Honestly, I’m pretty amazed. The garden went from this to THAT in five weeks. The plants that I direct seeded have only been in for four, and the tomatoes, pepper and eggplants that I just transplanted have only been in for one.

From Garden Projects
From Garden Projects

The spinach has all pretty much burned up. It’s just gone. I’m just making an educated guess, but I’m pretty sure it couldn’t handle the heat. I really planted it too late.

I’m pretty proud of the sugar snap peas, though. They’re loving the tomato cages. They went crazy, climbing with their tendrils as soon as I stuck the cages in.

From Garden Projects

And I painted the fireplace. The mantle will eventually be white. We’re slowly getting rid of all the green…

From Phase 3
From Phase 3

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