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Run C&D. June 3, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 2:15 pm

Run C, Monday. Me and Cindy. 1 mile, inside on the track at the Rec. Six laps around the track. Bo-ring. I wore my toe shoes and the run felt fine, but since then my right knee has been hurting. Again. What is the deal with that?

Run D, today. Me and Robin. 3.9 miles (can we just call that 4?). Old 63 loop, the one with the big hills. When we were deciding where to go Robin was like, “Old 63?” And I responded, “Just to see how much endurance we’ve lost?”

It actually wasn’t that bad. I struggled a bit on the last mile, but that probably had something to do with the hills, too. I think if it weren’t for the warmth (64F, which is actually really cool compared to the ~90 degree temps we’ve had recently, which is why we decided to go running) I would have had more endurance. So anyway, I feel happy that I at least haven’t lost all endurance in the last month and a half since the race.


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