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Growings on. June 9, 2009

Filed under: Food,Growing,Life — Annette @ 7:47 am

Ha ha.

Last night we ate our FIRST sugar snap pea from the garden! The first of anything to come out of the garden! I was pretty stinkin’ excited. It didn’t taste too bad, either. They really need to stay on the plant for a while longer to sweeten up, but I couldn’t wait.

I decided to see if I could grow things in the holes in the blocks, and it looks like I can!




And last night I did some work on the sunflower beds I put in out front. The seeds on the right side didn’t germinate as well as the ones on the left (or they got eaten by something before they could germinate). But even after some of them did pop up, all but two disappeared. Judging by the mole tracks in the yard, it looks like the mole got them. Thanks a lot, mole.

So, I transplanted some from the left to the right, then put down weed barrier, cut holes to poke the sunflowers through, pinned down the weed barrier and put down mulch.

Too bad the sunflowers just look like glorified dandelions right now.



Aaaand I got new shoes, too. 🙂


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