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Update #7 on Lanna (6/22/09) June 26, 2009

Filed under: Prayer Requests — Annette @ 7:45 am
I’ve delayed sending an update on Lanna while we wait for her blood work to improve, but it seems as though she could use your prayers that her labs will start to get better.
From my sister Laura today (6/22/09) who is living with Lanna this summer:
“Lanna went in for labs today and got a printout of her labs from last week. She was complaining of pain in her kidney on Friday and part of Saturday. I don’t know if that’s gone away or not (as she doesn’t really like to tell me if anything’s wrong), but today she looked like she was retaining water in her face and was acting pretty tired… The most concerning would be the GFR (glomerular filtration rate)– this is basically a read of how the kidney is functioning. While Lanna is still peeing and everything, I think this GFR value needs to go up, and I get the feeling that’s she thinks she might be experiencing acute failure…
“The doctors are still playing with her medication, trying to find a combo that works. They changed it 3 times last week. That may be the cause of the kidney pain, I don’t really know.”
Basically, Lanna’s blood work is still not balanced in the critical areas. Since my last update, her hemoglobin has not gotten up even to 10 yet (11-15 is a normal range), her white blood cell count is down at 1.9 or lower (normal range is 4.7-11.1), her creatinine is high (2.5 when it should not be above 1.5), and her glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which indicates how well a kidney is cleansing the blood, is really low, at 29.7, when it should be greater than 60 (if it dropped to 15 or lower, that would mean Lanna was in rejection).
Her doctors are adjusting her medications almost every week to try to balance these numbers out. Some of the adjustments also have uncomfortable side effects, such as one week when Lanna’s stomach was hurting.
Lanna has also started going into the office 3 days a week, even though her immune system is still pretty low. (Her doctor approved this because she is not in the main office and works directly with fewer than 10 people.) She’s feeling stressed about work and does not have as high of an energy level as she would like. I think she just wants to get back to a normal routine (to be expected, considering it’s been 3 months almost). This is wearing on her emotions and a little bit on her outlook, as she’s concerned she might reject the kidney.
We ask that you’d pray that Lanna’s doctors will figure out the right combination of medications to balance out her blood work with the least amount of side effects, that her energy levels will improve, that her outlook will be positive, and that she can start to live the abundant life that is so close but not quite in her grasp yet. Knowing how merciful our Creator is, I’m sure He will hear and answer.
With Christian love,
Rachel Keesee

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