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We Gotta Eat ’em to Save ’em July 22, 2009

Filed under: Environment,Food,Growing,Local,News and Blogs — Annette @ 7:34 am

Farm biodiversity is disappearing. If we would just eat endangered crops and livestock now, restoring their role in the food supply, we could save them from extinction.


One Response to “We Gotta Eat ’em to Save ’em”

  1. Terri Says:

    This is a very interesting subject to me, one I’ve spent some time looking into. It’s often overwelming when thinking of these kinds of problems. How can one person make a difference? I’ve found two ways to do what little one person can do. I seek out and buy from vendors at the farmers’ markets who grow and sell heirloom varieties. If they have a market, they will continue to grow them.

    I’m also working towards only growing heirloom varieties in my gardens. Unfortunately, the only way I know to find heirloom seeds (other than saving some from the previous season) is to purchase online. I haven’t been able to find many locally.

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