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Run #3. July 30, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 2:32 pm

Me, Robin, Cindy. 3.3 miles, trail, Camelbak. 80F, but slightly cooler on the trail. (We ended up running in the afternoon instead of this morning.) I think the heat hasn’t been making me feel like I’m overheating, or like I’m going to black out like I thought it would; it’s just decreased my endurance. Right now I’m the weakest link in our running team, and I don’t like that. We took a breather/pee break at about 1.6 miles, and another walking break for a few seconds at about 3 miles. Blargh. Robin’s a better runner than all of us, and Cindy and Candy have been doing some running this summer, so I guess I just need to catch up.

Tomorrow will be our first hill workout day. We’re going to do it early in the morning. Here’s to cooler temperatures!


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