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Excitement! August 11, 2009

Filed under: Life,Running — Annette @ 8:13 am
Robin and me after our long run. We match!

Robin and me after our long run on Sunday. We match!

So on Sunday night we went to bed at a decent time and were trying to get to sleep when we heard a truck come down our street. Like, a large truck. It sounded like a garbage truck. Then we saw lights flashing through our windows, kind of like what you’d see with lights from a cop car. Then we heard the beeping sound of a big truck backing up. Obviously something was going on, so we went to investigate. It was a fire truck.

The fire truck in front of our house at 10pm on a Sunday night.

We peeked out the front door and saw firemen running around our yard, and coming out of our backyard. There were neighbours standing around outside, so Charlie went out to get the scoop on what was going on. There is one house in our neighbourhood (unfortunately directly across from us) that college students live in. Either they’re renting it or somebody’s daddy bought it and let the kids live in it for a few years. Anyway, they constantly get on my nerves because they drive across their lawn and destroy their grass instead of asking their buddy to move their car, and they park in front of our house. Anyway.

Apparently they had started a camp fire in their back yard, and then left. The neighbours a couple houses down must have looked out their back windows and been like, “Uhhh…their yard is on fire.” They went down to the house to make sure it was under control, and there was no one home. They called the fire department, but when they arrived they didn’t know which house it was so that’s why they were wandering around in our back yard.

The fire fighters knocked and tried to find somebody in the house, but eventually they just went in. I don’t know if it was open or if they busted the door in, but they went in with axes. About that time the college students come driving down the street. There was some obvious hesitancy on their part as to whether or not they would stop or just keep on driving. They did eventually stop and got out to talk to the fire fighters. a) They were burning lumber, which is apparently illegal inside the city limits. But no one would have known or cared if they b) hadn’t left a fire burning unattended. The fire fighters handed them a shovel and said, “Put it out, boys.” Stupid, stupid kids.


2 Responses to “Excitement!”

  1. Lyndell Says:

    At first glance, I thought that top picture was a before-n-after photo, or you found a body double.

  2. Annette Says:

    Yeah, we didn’t plan it like that, but people keep thinking that it’s a picture of a reflection.

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