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Run #20. August 26, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 3:18 pm

Me, Donna. Treadmill and Everyday Cleavage. 5K. Ran 2.22 miles at 7 mph (8:34 min/mi – which seems retardedly fast for me, but whatever) then cranked it up to 8.5 mph (7:03 min/mi) for the last 0.88 mi. That was fast. And long. New PR: 25:26.

We have a 3 mile run scheduled every Wednesday, and it had never even occurred to me before to try to run it fast. We don’t really run fast. We just run long. But since I realized that, hey, you can change the speed on a treadmill and have it accurately time you, I’ve been working on it every time I go on the treadmill. It gives me something to think about and makes the miles go by faster. Obviously. I’ve cut off over 3 minutes since last week, and 4 1/2 minutes over my last real 5K race time. Woo!


3 Responses to “Run #20.”

  1. Rachael Tlumak Says:

    Hey Annette! Great job with the running! I always like to hear about others being into the sport. πŸ˜‰ It’s definitely exciting when you get to crank that treadmill up a few more mph and find out you can actually run that speed. πŸ™‚

    Just a treadmill warning from somebody who ends up having to do a lot of treadmill training (weather and safety during dark hours and such)-if you want to simulate the wind/ground resistance of running outside, you need to set your treadmill at about a 1% incline (some sources say 1.5%). I always feel a huge difference with this, which always seems funny to me because 1-1.5% incline doesn’t sound like a lot. If you don’t use incline and are mixing in the outdoor runs, it probably isn’t a big deal. Just be careful if your training becomes predominantly treadmill dependent, because then next time you do try to run outside, or run your actual race, you might be in for a surprise when your legs don’t feel as energetic as they do on the machine. Just a heads up. πŸ™‚

  2. Annette Says:

    Thanks! Good to know. We mainly use the treadmill as our backup when it’s hot outside, but that has meant that we’ve done a lot of treadmill running this season. But our long runs are almost always outside.

  3. Annette Says:

    P.S. Funny, I guess I’ve never thought of running as a sport. πŸ™‚

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