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Run #21-25 September 4, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 7:57 am

I’m slacking.

#21, last Thursday. 3 miles. I don’t even remember this one. Early morning gym, treadmill. OH YEAH! They were playing infomercials on the Food Network, so I was forced to channel surf – and stumbled across another Kevin Trudeau infomercial. Instead of being for “natural cures ‘THEY’ don’t want you to know about,” this one was for finding “free money.” Sigh. SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER!

#22, last Friday. 8xhill. We did this one on campus in the middle of the day, and ended up having to do quite a bit of dodging of students. I felt like we ran it faster than we have in the past. I think upping the speed on the treadmill has forced me to open my stride and made that more comfortable.

#23, Sunday. Me and Robin, 8 miles. It was a nice day – in the 60s. Perfect running weather. Although, it did get hot when the sun came out. I started feeling tired in the last couple miles, but we got ‘er done.

#24, Monday. Me, Robin, Cindy. Old 63 hilly route, 4 miles. I can’t even believe this was during this week. It seems so long ago. The Old 63 hill didn’t seem so bad this time, and it was definitely better than the last time we ran it.

#25, Wednesday. I was in training all day so I had to go in the evening after I’d finished. Me, treadmill, Food Network’s Challenge – Cereal Bridges: Part 2. Basically, creating bridges out of large blocks of rice krispy treats. Pretty ridiculous, but entertaining. Worked on my 5K time. Did the first 2 miles at 7.2 (8:20 minute/mile), then about half a mile at 8.5 (7:36) and the other half at 9.0 (6:40). New 5K PR: 24:43. PLUS I was wearing the toe shoes. The 9.0 mph was pretty absurd. I didn’t know if I’d even be able to keep up, but I did and it didn’t feel too bad. What’s really absurd is that 9.0 mph is still not as fast as the pace Niki ran their 5K last weekend. I’ve still got a ways to go…


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