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Run #26-35 September 22, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 9:55 am

Running log, Cliffs Notes version. Mostly because it’s been so long I don’t remember anything.

#26, 8×400. Me and Robin. For some reason this one kicked our butts. I think it was hotter than we were used to.

#27, 10K.

#28, 4.5 m.

#29, 24:28 5K PR.

#30, 4 m destination run to my house.

Should have had a 4×800 run in here, but I skipped it in lieu of getting up at 3:45am and flying to Texas.

#31, 4.5 m with David in Texas. I think David was about to puke at the end. That’s a good friend right there.

#32, 9 m. Me and Robin. Started an hour after I got off the plane from Texas. Fairly insane timing, but went okay.

#33, 25:09 5K. Should have cranked the speed up sooner.

#34, 5 m. Took our time on this one because Cindy’s legs were starting to hurt again like when she was close to having stress fractures.

#35, 3×1600 race pace – kind of. 3×1600 race pace to me means “slow and easy 3 miles,” but it was on our speedwork day so it got me confused. I did 2.75 m and cut out a bit early because my toe shoes were starting to hurt under my big toes again. I didn’t want to get bad blisters right before my half.


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