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Health benefits of grass-fed products. November 18, 2009

Filed under: Food,Health,News and Blogs — Annette @ 2:23 pm

I’ve read in various places about the benefits of grass-fed products, specifically beef. Higher omega-3s, etc. But this is the most comprehensive discussion I’ve seen:

I appreciate that they actually cite their references, instead of just saying, “Grass-fed beef is better for you,” like most sites do.

So if cattle and chickens were allowed to graze on pasture like they would normally in nature, our meat and eggs would be much higher in omega-3s and other nutrients. And omega-3s are related to almost every health benefit you can imagine, but we know we don’t typically get enough. How much better would our collective health be if we allowed our animals to eat and live the way they would on their own?


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