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This year we are thankful for… November 25, 2009

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 8:00 pm

Life, the universe and everything
Having a loving wife and husband
Having the time and opportunity to have interests
Our house, which is now comfortable to live in
Our jobs and the ability to make money
Making good progress on paying off our house
Job security
A wife that builds up the house with her hands and doesn’t tear it down
Good food and clean water
The Truth and having a believing husband
The ability to travel, visit family and see interesting things
Our health
Living in Columbia, aka Paradise
Being able to walk to work
Our families
Being financially stable
Being able to grow some of our own food and working towards self-sufficiency
Local foods and farmers
The interstate system
Having spiritual family across the entire Earth
The worms which eat our garbage
Cell phones


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