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The moral dilemma of The Office December 4, 2009

Filed under: Life,The Truth — Annette @ 10:45 pm

A couple months ago we signed up for Netflix. Apparently we were the last people in North America who hadn’t yet signed up. Soon after the Feast Charlie started exploring the shows and movies that were available for free streaming from the web. This led him to discover The Office, and it was all over from there.

We started with Season 1 and started watching every episode. Saturday nights, up to six hours at a time. Then Sunday nights. And sometimes on a weekday night after a hard day. It was an obsession. I’d start thinking about it as soon as Friday rolled around. We got through to halfway through Season 5 in not very many weekends.

Around about Season 5, though, I started thinking seriously about the show and having moral doubts. As much as I enjoyed and loved watching it, the scenes with any immoral nature were the ones that would stick with me and replay over and over in mind (especially while painting when there’s nothing you can do about it). It was hard to shake. As much as I appreciated the brilliance of the humour, the more I thought about it, the more I could no longer justify it.

1. Other gods before God
2. Worship of idols through the celebration of pagan holidays
3. Taking God’s name in vain. A lot.
4. Definitely not keeping the Sabbath
5. Not showing honour to parents through lying, etc.
6. Hateful attitudes
7. A lot of fornication and aldultery
8. Stealing of time and materials
9. Constant lying
10. Coveting neighbour’s wife, possessions, etc.

It’s hard to get around that.

As much as I loved the show and looked forward to watching it, it got to the point that I could no longer justify spending so much time of my life with a show that so consistently broke God’s commandments. Eventually I made the decision to no longer watch The Office.

I realize that no show or form of entertainment in this Satan-led world is going to be perfect. But there are so many things I want to do and learn and study, and I already don’t have time for all of them, even without including time spent on things that are not uplifting.

I do have a point here. I’m not saying this to be preachy. I know many people will not agree, and I can understand that. My question is, if you watch The Office or a similar show, how do you justify it? Do I just have an overactive conscience? Am I being unreasonable by not allowing myself to participate in things like this?


4 Responses to “The moral dilemma of The Office”

  1. REG Says:

    I don’t think you are being unreasonable. These things do affect us, even if it seems “unconscious” it will eventually come out in our conscious being (the scripture escapes me at the moment). I find after watching snarky stuff, I start to be a bit more jaded in my thinking and it does affect my attitude/outlook.

    As you said, you found it hard to get some scenes out of your thoughts. I think Philippians, as well as your 10C’s list, would support your reasoning as to why it is good to avoid that kind of stuff . There are better things to think about 🙂

    Finally, I agree with you, it is tough to find good and decent entertainment in this day and age. I wonder if that has always been a challenge though?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ducky Says:

    I love The Office… it reminds me of some of the 9-to-5 jobs I’ve had, the silly personalities and situations I found myself dealing with – I mean, we’ve all had our own version of Dwight to brighten our workday, am I wrong? – but I agree with you there are worldly elements to it that are absolutely not something a Christian wants to be reflecting or emulating in his or her life. Doesn’t mean I condone or want to emulate those things. This world is filled with good mixed with evil, and tv shows are no exception. So hey, if you’ve got more edifying things to take up your time with, then by all means, do those and stop watching so much tv girl 🙂

  3. Lyndell Says:

    There certainly is little justification for such. I’m pretty stuck on the Simpsons, though I haven’t watched it for so long. There are few good examples of good character in that show. The protagonists are horrible role models. It’s only good for criticizing what the characters are doing wrong.

    Weeds and an one minute synopsis of Moment of Truth were vivid illustrations of “a women that tears down her house” and “cancer in his bones”. Secret Diary of a Call Girl might be peddling a glamourous and lucrative occupation, but the promotional content on the website just exudes sadness. The best the world has to offer is sadness.

    Pixar, I think, makes the best content out there. But Bob Par, in The Incredibles, lied to his wife and deceived her. The discerning point I’d suggest is whether the protagonists develop character or not.

    Now if SHOtime made a scripturally accurate movie of King David’s affair with Bathsheba…

  4. Karl Says:

    You have said what Lacey has said about The Office all along. I just hate it because I think it’s dumb.

    But on that note, I have in the last year started putting a lot more things behind me as I (sometimes saddeningly) take time to meditate on their worth and what God requires of me. And if I sit down and think to myself, “Hey, that was probably not very good for me,” or am wanting to go out and say, watch a new movie, but before we do I think, “You know, why is it rated PG-13 … oh, because they *insert sin here*” and then decide that I really shouldn’t just shrug that off as not that bad.

    I understand the dilemma. It seems like there is evil mixed in with everything so what can I possibly do for enjoyment if you take away everything there is to do? I mean, I NEEEEEED entertainment! Well, not really. Not the world’s entertainment. Like you said Annette, there are plenty of upright and very edifying things that can be accomplished at any time if you just put your mind to it. And I don’t mean just reading the bible all the time. Creating things and expanding your mind … there are so many activities involved there already that you could never do them all. We’re just used to sitting around like bumps on a log and watching TV so we want to justify it when we find something that contributes to a lot of log-bump time.

    I guess I say all this because I’m exactly the same as everyone. I had to make a lot of hard choices not to go out and watch movies that were released that I REALLY wanted to go see because I knew that in the end, I wouldn’t be edified by them and I would just come away remembering all the evil things and thinking they were awesome. Lacey and I made a pretty hard-and-fast rule that we just don’t go see things that are above PG. Most people think that is ridiculously over-protective but I figure (especially now that the ratings are getting more and more lax) that if these worldly rating companies see something in a movie that they think a 12 year-old shouldn’t see, then why should I yearn to go see it either?

    It’s hard to write comments that aren’t disjunct I’ve decided.

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