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At what point do you become a “runner”? January 30, 2010

Filed under: Life,Running — Annette @ 10:47 am

I’ve run three half marathons. Currently training for a fourth. The training schedule we use has us working out 6 days a week. (I slightly modified the schedule so the Sabbath is our off day.) Soon our mileage will be over 20 miles a week. Our pace has increased at least 30 seconds/mile without even really trying to get faster, which I think is substantial. I’ve started taking cold water baths after long runs to reduce inflammation. And I spend substantial amounts of money on having good quality running gear.

But I still kind of hesitate to call myself a “runner.” I’ve always thought of runners as really hardcore people to be held in awe, and I’ve never really associated that with myself.

At what point do you become a runner?Was I a runner when I first tried the Couch-to-5K? Was I a runner when I ran a very pathetic first half marathon? Was I a runner when we ran two half marathons in a year for the first time?

I guess I’m a runner, but I feel guilty claiming that knowing that other people who claim to be runners run 60 miles a week, run through injuries, run Columbia’s notorious hardest non-mountainous marathon course.

I haven’t run a full marathon yet, but I want to. Maybe when I do I’ll feel like a runner.


2 Responses to “At what point do you become a “runner”?”

  1. runshorts Says:

    I wrote about this once …

    My verdict? You are a runner, marathon or no marathon.

  2. Lyndell Says:

    When? meh. With that budget and involvement, I’d say you’re a runner, now.

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