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About May 20, 2007

Camerican. Bachelor’s in LifeSci from Queen’s University. Master’s in Nutrition from University of Minnesota. Currently working in the development of community nutrition and physical activity programs in Missouri. Master Gardener, slowly turning the whole yard into a garden  Serious FAM advocate. Living wonderful life with Darling Husband CRT.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. rakkav Says:

    “Camerican”. That’s a new term to me. 🙂 Join the queue (two near the head of the line are William Shatner and Christopher Plummer, who used to be in the same Royal Shakespeare Company in Canada before coming to Hollywood).

  2. No_limits32 Says:

    Conservation will likely need to be a part of any future energy plan, to make the best use of the energy that is available. ,

  3. Lynn Says:


    Do you have a private email or pm I can contact you on? I wanted to ask you something about FAM.


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