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3/12: Five years. March 12, 2010

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I think it’s beneficial to occasionally remind ourselves of the things we experienced 5 years ago. Not that we should dwell on it, but just be reminded and reminded to pray for those who were directly affected. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years. On one hand it seems forever ago and I think we’ve lost a lot of the zeal and determination we had. But on the other hand it still hurts.


History unfolding. April 19, 2005

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A German pope.  That seems fitting, doesn’t it?

I made lunch today, and after realizing I couldn’t eat it in my room because it was leavened, I decided to sit and watch TV for a bit while I ate.  I didn’t even clue in that the announcement of the pope’s election was being made.  I came in just in time to hear the announcement and see him come out.  And they call *us* a cult? 🙂  I can’t imagine the energy among the masses down on the ground.  All the reporters are saying he’s a hardliner, conservative, strict theologian, academic, intelligentsia…  I know I need to brush up on my prophecy, but it seems like all the signs are pointing in the right direction.

Oh, and did anyone else notice an eery similarity between Ratzinger and Ratzmann?  But maybe that’s just me reading too much into things.  “Ratz” is German for “rat”…


Martin’s Update March 27, 2005

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To the brothers and sisters in the faith,
Hello to all of you! I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering about everything and I have to say I’ve basically been waiting until I get all the info I could before relaying it to all of you. I talked to Jon a little bit today after Sabbath services on the phone and he is very upbeat and continues to inspire not only me but a great number of you. He mentioned that the spirit in the Milwaukee congregation and the Church as a whole has completely changed for the better and it’s something that you can feel and be certain of. I cannot agree more with him in that regard and I know that God continues to help all of us through this and gives us the strength to get through the day, the words of encouragement to speak to each other, and the comfort to heal the wounds.
Jon let me know that his mom is doing well, she wasn’t able to be at Sabbath services yet but that she was able to watch a sermon or two on DVD so she continues to improve thanks to the hand of God and the prayers of all the brethren. For the time being, Jon and his mother are staying at the Diekmeier’s as she continues to recuperate and Jon has a great support group with Mr. and Mrs. Diekmeier and their kids Aaron and Mike. Jon also told me how he never mentioned that his letter would b ecome known in so many parts of the world, that it was never his intention to be an inspiration to people or that his letter would be published around the world. I remember watching Jon type the letter up into his cousin Emily’s laptop and I never thought that the letter he placed in my hands to send to all our friends would have the type of impact it did (and still does). The words contained in it were truly inspired by God and in my conversation with Jon I told him that He’s truly working something special in all of us and bringing us closer together as a family. I know that God is preparing my generation to be able to pick up where the previous one left off once old age and other events start taking place and it is our time to show how strong we are in the faith. We’re still feeling some shock and God is still healing us, yet we’re putting our faith to work and we’re becoming more serious about our calling. I personally believe that Romans 8 can summarize the entire life of a true Christian. It includes the battle between the carnal and the spiritual mind, the sufferings of this life versus the glory of the future, how God sent His Son to bear our sins and reveal something even more precious in us, and how nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can separate us from God’s love.
I know we are still saddened with the events, still wondering why, yet God is smiling at how we’re reacting and reaching out to each other. I will continue to make the same admonition I have made in all my previous emails even if it repeats itself over and over again. Do not let this outflow of love, concern, encouragement, and Philadelphian love dissipate. May it be something we always we keep near our hearts and that we can continue to learn and grow from. Continue praying for each other, c ontinue calling each other and don’t shy away from saying “I love you.” May God keep you all safe, may He continue to grant us healing, and may He guide us in all our steps of life.
“And we know that all things work together for good, to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”  (Romans 8:28)

Guest Books March 26, 2005

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I was asked to pass along to everyone the links to the online Guest Books for each of the victims of the March 12th shooting.  They are:

Randy Gregory

James Gregory

Harold Diekmeier

Richard Reeves

Bart Oliver

Gloria Critari

Gerald Miller


Sometimes I just have to wonder. March 25, 2005

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I had the day off from school today because it’s Good Friday.  In my un-thinking exuberance, I decided to go buy groceries.  Let’s ponder this for a moment…  It’s *Good Friday.*  NOTHING is open.  So I spent half an hour trekking across Kingston to find that the grocery store was closed.  I had to resort to Cambodian Village (my favourite take-out place) to buy dinner for tonight, since I haven’t bought groceries in 4 weeks.  The only food I have left is three eggs, expired sour cream, and butter.


Martin talked to Jon today.  It sounds like Jon is in high spirits.  He’s still making fun of Martin (Sister Sister, Camerican relations, etc.), so that’s a good sign 🙂


Prayer Request Update: Marjean Gregory

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Marjean Gregory is being released from the hospital today (March 25).

The blood clot is being treated by shots to help it dissolve and the blood in her leg is flowing around the clot. First-hand reports say that she really looks good and is happy to leave the hospital.

She will be staying with the Diekmeier family for a few weeks. Cards can be sent to Marjean and Jonathan Gregory:

Glenn and Eva Diekmeier

19 North Lapham Peak Road

Delafield, WI 53018-1960

Your continued prayers for all of the brethren affected by the tragedy of March 12 will be greatly appreciated.


A final thought March 23, 2005

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You know how we as second-generation Christians always talk about how it’s hard to find the “first love” zeal that many people have who discover the church on their own?  I’ve experienced it myself, and I know that it’s true.  It’s hard to be zealous about something you’ve known and taken for granted your entire life.  Well…I think if anything is going to make the second-generation Christians zealous, this unbelievable direct attack on God’s Church, and specifically His young people, has been it.