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High meat diet ‘linked to early periods’ June 11, 2010

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Mom’s diet may alter infant’s allergies February 25, 2010

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Eating lots of vegetables and fruits during pregnancy may lower the chance of having a baby with certain allergies, hint study findings from Japan.

Greater intake of green and yellow vegetables, citrus fruit, and veggies and fruits high in beta carotene (generally those colored red and orange) may lessen the risk of having a baby with eczema (itchy, dry, red patched skin), Dr. Yoshihiro Miyake at Fukuoka University and colleagues found.

Foods high in vitamin E, found in some green vegetables, similarly may lessen the risk of having a wheezy infant, they report in the journal Allergy.


Three year FAMiversary. December 10, 2009

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It’s somewhat hard for me to believe, but as of a few days ago, it’s been three full years since I started charting with FAM. I would never go back.

There are things I notice and understand about my body now that I never would have known if it weren’t for FAM. Without charting, you are entirely in the dark about your cycles. Despite claims to the contrary, if you’re not charting, you never know where you are in your cycle at a given time. You can guess, and maybe have a roughly good idea if you have clockwork cycles (but really, who does?), but you don’t KNOW. You don’t know if you’re having a normal cycle, if you had an anovulatory cycle, if it’s normal flow, anovulatory bleeding, midcycle spotting, implantation spotting, if you’re pregnant or if you just worked out more than usual and have a delayed cycle. You just don’t know. With FAM, you know. You can use that information for fertility purposes if you choose, but there’s so much information you gain by just charting that doesn’t even necessarily have to be used for fertility purpose. It’s about being informed and understanding your body.

And, for the record, I am not pregnant.


Toni Weschler on Oprah Radio. June 8, 2009

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Dr. Oz interviews Toni Weschler of Taking Charge of Your Fertility.


Semen Quality May Depend Upon Antioxidants In Man’s Diet June 5, 2009

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“Our previous research study, published in March, showed that men who eat large amounts of meat and full fat dairy products have lower seminal quality than those who eat more fruit, vegetables and reduced fat dairy products. In this study, we have found that people who consume more fruits and vegetables are ingesting more antioxidants, and this is the important point”, Jaime Mendiola, lead author of the article and a researcher at the University of Murcia, tells SINC.


Whoohoo! December 3, 2008

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Today is my 2-year FAMiversary!  Yay FAM!


Run #11. November 26, 2008

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Me, Cindy, Donna.  Ran up to the house (1.4 miles), took pictures, then ran to Which Wich (again) (1.1 miles).  ~2.5 total.