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For the ladies. August 1, 2008

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Time flies. January 30, 2008

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One month anniversary!


Another good thing about being married. January 24, 2008

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A couple of nights ago after eating dinner in our pajamas, we decided we wanted to go out for ice cream.

So we did. In our pajamas.

Okay okay, we went to the DQ drive thru, but we still got ice cream in our pajamas. It was awesome.


At the edge of the ocean. January 23, 2008

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Mawwidge is wat bwings us togever … today.

Marriage is wonderful. You should try it.

I’m super far behind on blogs with my lack of intarweb, but I noticed Ben and Summer have decided to give it a try. Congratulations for that.

So, I’m working at Mizzou. I was hired in a temporary position, but there are several permanent positions opening up in the next month or two, and I will likely be moved into one of them. Again, it’s wonderful to be able to walk to work – and with my husband. We’re very blessed.

The girls at work are training for the St. Louis half marathon. I haven’t officially committed yet (aka – paid the $65 registration fee), but I’d like to do it. I’ve run with them a few times so far, and yesterday reinforced my distinct distaste for treadmills. From now on, you can find me outside.

It’s been frigidly cold in Columbia – like in the 30s. I know. It’s been cold enough that all the natives have been complaining. And I have, too, honestly. It’s terrible how going to a warmer climate makes you lose your acclimation for colder temperatures.

Must return to work now. Ta ta for now.


What a handsome man. August 31, 2007

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For anyone interested… July 25, 2007

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My ring looks very much like this.  Except the sides of the band don’t go all the way up to meet the setting. 

It’s quite nice, I think.


Aww yeah. July 24, 2007

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I want to get married in THIS!

…totally kidding.