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Top 20 Food Trends for 2010 March 1, 2010

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Our food environment is changing. Check out this year’s Top 20 Food Trends, as reported by the National Restaurant Association. Overall, these are really, really good things.

  1. Locally grown produce
  2. Locally sourced meats and seafood
  3. Sustainability
  4. Bite-size/mini desserts
  5. Locally-produced wine and beer
  6. Nutritionally balanced children’s dishes
  7. Half-portions/smaller portion for a smaller price
  8. Farm/estate-branded ingredients
  9. Gluten-free/food allergy conscious
  10. Sustainable seafood
  11. Superfruits (e.g. acai, goji berry, mangosteen, purslane)
  12. Organic produce
  13. Culinary cocktails (e.g. savory, fresh ingredients)
  14. Micro-distilled/artisan liquor
  15. Nutrition/health
  16. Simplicity/back to basics
  17. Regional ethnic cuisine
  18. Non-traditional fish (e.g. branzino, Arctic char, barramundi)
  19. Newly fabricated cuts of meat (e.g. Denver steak, pork flat iron, Petite Tender)
  20. Fruit/vegetable children’s side items

Mom’s diet may alter infant’s allergies February 25, 2010

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Eating lots of vegetables and fruits during pregnancy may lower the chance of having a baby with certain allergies, hint study findings from Japan.

Greater intake of green and yellow vegetables, citrus fruit, and veggies and fruits high in beta carotene (generally those colored red and orange) may lessen the risk of having a baby with eczema (itchy, dry, red patched skin), Dr. Yoshihiro Miyake at Fukuoka University and colleagues found.

Foods high in vitamin E, found in some green vegetables, similarly may lessen the risk of having a wheezy infant, they report in the journal Allergy.


Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food February 12, 2010

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Columbia joins the ranks of chicken-friendly cities. February 2, 2010

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Until yesterday, the ruling in Columbia was that you could have 1 chicken per 0.5 acre of land. This meant that on our urban lot, we could have 0.36 of a chicken. I’m not sure the neighbours would go for that, what with the carnage and all.

Yesterday City Council passed a new chicken ordinance, so now you can have 6 chickens per tract. This is a pretty big deal around town, because Columbia is a pretty progressive place and a lot of people are looking for ways to grow their own food, buy locally, etc., and chickens are a part of that. But, Columbia also has its fair share of people who are not supportive of such efforts (or bicycles, for that matter), so it became quite a contentious matter. The good news, though, is that now we can have chickens in the city. Yay!

So will we be getting chickens? The answer to that would be a big fat NO. @charlietriplett has ix-nayed this idea from the very beginning, whether the chickens were legal or not. Man.

It’s probably for the best, though. Animals require work and your being there to take care of them, which is why we don’t believe in owning pets. Except the worms. The worms are very low maintenance pets.

And hopefully next year we’ll get bees. I am buzzing with excitement.


At what point do you become a “runner”? January 30, 2010

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I’ve run three half marathons. Currently training for a fourth. The training schedule we use has us working out 6 days a week. (I slightly modified the schedule so the Sabbath is our off day.) Soon our mileage will be over 20 miles a week. Our pace has increased at least 30 seconds/mile without even really trying to get faster, which I think is substantial. I’ve started taking cold water baths after long runs to reduce inflammation. And I spend substantial amounts of money on having good quality running gear.

But I still kind of hesitate to call myself a “runner.” I’ve always thought of runners as really hardcore people to be held in awe, and I’ve never really associated that with myself.

At what point do you become a runner?Was I a runner when I first tried the Couch-to-5K? Was I a runner when I ran a very pathetic first half marathon? Was I a runner when we ran two half marathons in a year for the first time?

I guess I’m a runner, but I feel guilty claiming that knowing that other people who claim to be runners run 60 miles a week, run through injuries, run Columbia’s notorious hardest non-mountainous marathon course.

I haven’t run a full marathon yet, but I want to. Maybe when I do I’ll feel like a runner.


More reasons to raise bees in the city January 22, 2010

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Plant loss ‘leads to fewer bees’


Making out: it’s for your health.

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